Foundation Fail 2 - Moisturiser

There are three possible foundation fail problems associated with moisturisers – not waiting long enough after applying moisturiser before applying the foundation, using too much moisturiser, and using the wrong type of moisturiser.

Always wait at least 15 minutes after applying your moisturiser, so it will be absorbed by your skin before you apply foundation. You can be doing your hair or getting dressed while you wait!

If you've waited 15 minutes and your foundation still slides off your face, you are either using too much moisturiser or you are using a moisturiser which is too rich for your skin.

Before spending money on different products, try using less of your current moisturiser - many people use too much.

If that doesn't work, try a less rich formula - for instance, if you have been using the Anew Ultimate range, try the Anew Reversalist or even Anew Rejuvenate creams. And always make sure you are using a daytime formula - night creams are richer and are not designed to be used under makeup.